Review of movie BAA BAAA BLACK SHEEP

Poster of movie: BAA BAAA BLACK SHEEP
Movie Name :


Cinema Type : Bollywood
Release Date : 23-Mar-2018( 3 years, 309 days ago)
Directed By : Vishwas Paandya
Production House : Krishna Datla , Anand Swarup Agarwal
Genre : Comedy
Lead Role : Manish Paul , Anupam Kher, Manjari Phadnis


Baba too is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps as that’s their ‘real’ family business. Meanwhile, a corrupt Home Minister, is busy hatching a dubious plan.

When you watch an entire supposed comedy with a straight face, there’s a big problem. The action isn’t thrilling, love track is silly, dialogue insipid and a story that makes no sense whatsoever. Nothing and absolutely nothing about this chaotic, multiple character laden story manages to keep you awake, let alone amuse.

Its dated treatment, inconsequential songs and flashback, unimaginative writing,  jaded narrative, overdramatic performances and loud background score, which is forcibly played throughout, to evoke some humour, collectively puts you off.

Since neither the story, nor the acting (barring Anupam Kher’s), manage to hold your attention, you end up focusing on things that are relatively more inconsequential. For instance, Kay Kay Menon, who plays an ACP,  accidentally grabs a man’s armpit (since he is tied upside down) during an interrogation scene and that is perhaps the funniest scene in the movie, which is purely unintentional humour.

Maniesh Paul gets to play the protagonist-narrator and he takes himself way too seriously by rendering an OTT (over the top) performance. He plays a 25-year-old in the film, looks 35 and acts like he’s 15. He’s a good host but acting is an altogether different beast and requires a certain set of skills. Manjiri Fadnis is pretty yet forgettable.

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