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Cinema Type : South Regional
Release Date : 01-Mar-2019(80 days ago)
Directed By : K.V. Guhan
Production House : Mahesh S. Koneru
Genre : Action
Lead Role : Kalyan Ram, Niveda Thomas, Shalini Pandey ,Ashok Kumar, C.V.L. Narasimha Rao, Harsha Vardhan, Mahesh Achanta, Nassar , Prabhas Sreenu, Rajiv Kanakala


In Alan Moore’s famed graphic novel V for Vendetta, there’s a line that goes, “Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof.” It’s almost like cinematographer-turned-director KV Guhan decided to play along with that thought and turn it into a gripping tale filled with innocence, love, smokescreens, deceit and murder. And boy, did he succeed for most part!

Goutham (Kalyan Ram) is an investigative journalist who loves off-roading, spending time with his loving fiancé Megha (Shalini Pandey), blow covers on corrupt politicians and such. One particular night, in a particular room at a resort, he dreams of Aadhya (Nivetha Thomas), a girl he has never met before. He sees her being beaten up bloody by goons and wakes up in a sweat. When he has the exact dream 6 months after; in the same room at the resort, he decides to dig deeper to find out if she really exists. In doing so, he uncovers a conspiracy that goes beyond a missing girl mourned by her father. 

To reveal more would be an injustice to all the knots Guhan and his character Goutham carefully untie, one by one, by the time the climax rolls. Is the film thrilling and without any distractions? Yes. Does it have a gripping enough story? Sure. But, 
118 sure does have its share of flaws and unrealistic cinematic liberties taken, all brushed under the carpet by a tight screenplay by Guhan and stupendous editing by Tammi Raju, like that one shard of bloody glass the protagonist uncovers in the film. The one number the film has, composed by Shekhar Chandra only takes the story forward instead of proving to be a hindrance. The music composer even does a good job setting the mood with the BGM. Guhan does a stupendous job of jumping right into the middle of chaos, instead of wasting time with niceties, which is a refreshing move. The only exception is a fight scene in the beginning that seems to be put in for the sake of it. 

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